Innovation & Technology

Solution Initiatives offers sustainable innovative technology for the Renewable Energy Industry.



It’s time we think about our mother earth and switch to the non-conventional sources of energy such as solar energy. Solar power is the future, it is renewable, non-polluting and leaves no Greenhouse gas and emissions.
Our solar power solutions help you to generate your own power with easy to use solar equipment. Our solutions are based on proven solar technology, which makes them highly efficient. Solar energy benefits the world economically, environmentally as well as socially.

Solar Panel

Cleaning Solution

If you live in an area with heavy particulates in the air, freshen up your panels occasionally helps them to produce power. Therefore, we are here to solve the some of the issues with our solutions in a safely manner.


Battery / Hybrid Solution / Storage

Energy storage solution helps you meet the growing needs of the local transmission system. Our solution utilizes reliable equipment and product which can be tailored to your operational needs, enabling efficient, cost-effective storage distribution and utilization of energy.


Electrical Vehicle

Faced with growing climate and regulatory pressures, one of the solutions to zero CO2 emissions is electric vehicles which offer a sustainable, credible and now widely available alternative for a wide range of vehicle types.

Our international and local expertise allow us to deliver a green solution to renewable energy projects in emerging markets. We strive for sustainable fossil free solutions to combat climate change.